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Songs and Vocals by Leslie Luciani
Arrangements by Dan Higgins

©2007 Leslie Luciani and Dan Higgins
All Rights Reserved

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You Got Some Nerve (3:37) Mid-tempo smooth jazz
Orbit (3:23) Guitar by Grant Geissman. Mid-tempo ballad
Wasted (3:43) Bluesy torch song
Wouldn't It Be Easier? (3:57) Folk-style love song
I Guess I (2:57) Up-tempo pop with a retro feel
Walls (2:48) Mid-tempo ballad
Some Diamonds (3:22) Mid-tempo love song
Don't Say Good-Bye in New York (2:35) Mid-tempo ballad (3/4)
I Like to Think of You That Way (3:37) Mid-tempo with a Latin feel